AAOCF, Inc. is a Non-Profit, Charitable Organization Armenian American Orphans and Disabled Children’s Fund Organizations Overview

We thank you in advance for your time and your consideration of being a significant part of a crucial humanitarian project.

17 Year History and Achievements of AAOF

For the past seventeen years, the continuous financial contributions from generous sponsors like you have made it possible for the “Armenian American Orphans Christmas Fund” Inc., a non-profit charitable organization founded and operating in Glendale, California to organize holiday celebrations and provide gifts to over 220,000 children in different cities and villages all over the Republic of Armenia and USA. In Addition, we have been able to provide some decent living and learning environment for numerous disabled and orphan children in different corners of Armenia. We have successfully completed renovation and restoration projects in Dalarik and Kharberd Boarding Schools, Paravakar School in Tavush Province, School #1 in Spitak region, Shcool of Blind Children, and Seven Angels Kindergarten in Gyumri. Over 1400 disabled and orphan children study in these schools some of these children live there, as we provided proper comfort and environment for them to live there. Our fund has sent over 2,000 boxes of clothes, toys, and food to the children living and attending these schools.


To Provide Home and Safety for our Children in Need.

This year 2016-2017, we will focus on two new boarding schools in two different villages. The schools at these villages are in horrifying conditions.


Our organization consists of 20 Board Members and 100 advising members.

Organizations members:

President, Ovanes Balayan
Vice President OnnikMehrabian

The last person from Avetisyan’s family that became victims of the Russian soldier in Gyumri, Republic of Armenia on January 12, 2015. Our organization, AAOCF, Inc. named the kindergarten, “Seven Angels Kindergarten” in memory of Avetisyan’s family.

We Hope, Never Again!